Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Terms & Dictionary

CECCMAMIWGWOGASUV - College Educated Conservative Christian Middle Aged Middle Income White Guy Who Owns Guns And a SUV

Cojones - Spanish for Balls, something that President Bush has and that the Donks don't have.

Dementocrap - A Liberal or Leftist who: wants to Stop the War, Hates the Good, Anti-Christian, take away my Guns, limit my Rights; and wants to take my money and give it away to the: Lazy Ass Poor; Other Whining Liberals; Idiot Leftist University Studies or Programs; To save some worthless Bird, Bug or Fish; and other Worthless Porkbarrel programs.

Donk - Slang for Donkey, a Dementocrap

ECBM - Eat Crap and Bark at the Moon

Fidiot™ - a conjunction of Frigging Idiot (see Al Gore)

Foron™ - a conjunction of Frigging Moron, even less intelligent that a Fidiot (see the current Raving Al Gore, Michael Moore or John F. Kerry (guess what the F. stand for).

Fwench - "Cheese Eating Surrender Moneys" - One-Eyed Willie; this says it all.

IMO - In My Opinion

Islamofascist - Could be a Terrotist, but is any Mad Mullah that believes that anyone that is not Muslim is an infidel, and must convert or be killed. The solution to these Munchers of Sheep Butts is to Kill them off first.

Leftist - A Pinko Foron that is probably a Dementocrap

Liberal - See Leftist

LLL - Lobotomized Lemmings of the Left

Nuke - Tactical Nuke - What we should use on Terrorists and other Forons like: Any Ayatollah, Ill Sung Kim, The Red Chinese Gov't, and Michael Moore (although he is so fat, we may have to upgrade to a good Tomahawk Nuke)